To maintain our leading position we are hiring new Engineering Experts.

Join a fast growing team of the best professionals in the field of cloud native software development.

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We have right tools! Stratox Cloud Native, our ever growing suite of cloud based tools.

With the cloud at heart, Stratox Cloud Native, delivers unique products.

CodeNOW Miotiq IoT


We have right skills! Stratox Professionals, deep industry knowledge and the highest qualifications.

Years of accumulated industry-specific knowledge gathered working on exciting projects of our customers and partners.

Banking Automotive UX & UI studio


Are you looking for a Partner to shape your Digital Transformation?

We advise, build and train so you can start your cloud-native journey NOW!

With 10+ years experience managing digital transformation, Stratox is the ideal partner on your journey.

Who are we...


Stratox Professionals

Our highly qualified team of professionals has spent years making banks ‘a better place’. We have mostly succeeded but have ended up in trouble as well. Getting up again ready to fight, THAT is our power. Let's engineer the future together!

We don’t just focus on technical aspects. True success is achieved by taking a holistic approach. The organization of your team plus the selection of the right methods might contribute more to your victory than the latest versions of trendy technologies.

Stratox Professionals

This industry has moved from the traditional role of hardware supplier to being a provider of connected mobility and transportation solutions. Are you are seeking a partner to help you with your digital transition and to start monetizing new opportunities? Our team of professionals is ready to boost your skills.

Stratox Professionals
UX and UI Studio

Do you have an unconventional idea? Do you want to offer something new to your customers? Our virtual UX and UI studio is ready to guide you through the difficult product design process. We are here to empower you in developing your crafts. Welcome to the place where engineering and emotions play together.

Stratox Professionals

Meet a truly unique Software Factory. It is the materialization of our know-how into an extraordinary piece of software. As digital innovation usually leads to custom development, losing track and creating vendor dependencies are common risks.

After breaking down complexity into smaller and manageable pieces, orchestration may become challenging. CodeNOW makes the synthesis easier than you’d think.

Are you dealing with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and find it hard to engineer a sustainable solution? We understand. We’ve solved it! And we're providing it as a Service.

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Stratox Cloud native
Kubernetes Services

As a true supporter of the Open Source movement, we have put Kubernetes at the center of our services and product development.

Stratox Professionals

Kubernetes certified

Our certified Kubernetes Administrators are available for your projects to implement, operate, tune & provide operational support for Kubernetes deployments in both on-premise or hosted modes.

Contact for the availability of our skilled and certified engineers.

Stratox Academy

We are currently developing a full training program for our product CodeNOW including its individual building blocks such as Kubernetes.

In the meantime, our certified Kubernetes professionals provide knowledge transfer as part of your projects and CodeNOW deployments covering cluster creation, deployment, exploring and exposing the applications, and scaling/updating the applications using Kubernetes.

Contact for more details about our training options.



We have put Kubernetes at the center of our platform CodeNOW. See here.

CodeNOW is a ready-made software delivery platform that supports you in each stage of your DevOps process. Speed up the development of your cloud-native applications in microservices-based architectures. Deliver business value faster by leaving all technical complexities to CodeNOW!

CodeNOW is a powerful end-to-end DevOps value stream technology platform that is easy to use for software developers of all skill levels, on-premise, and remote. Onboard new staff easily and be productive instantly.

CodeNOW enables you to build, evolve, and scale your applications risk-free, without any vendor-lock, and with zero infrastructure management investment. CodeNOW is 100% open source based and delivered as a service with transparent pricing.

Start your cloud-native journey with CodeNOW and Kubernetes NOW!

Visit for more information.


Stratox has implemented Kubernetes at multiple customers across the Czech Republic and across different industries.

Koerční banka

Stratox is continuously supporting the largest ‘vanila’ Kubernetes deployment in the Czech Republic at Société Genéralé-Komerční banka. 20% of the Czech population is a customer of Komerční banka. KB is member of Société Genéralé.

Our platform CodeNOW has been conceived at KB and is the engine behind their digital transformation journey.

„The standard development platform (SPEED) helped KB to start cloud-native development based on robust unified grounds at scale... It is our platform of choice for long-term business-driven, technology-enabled transformation.”

David Svejda, Head of New digital bank at Komerční Banka David Svejda, Head of New digital bank at Komerční Banka

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CNCF Member

CNCF Member

Stratox is a proud member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and proud to join the other 600 members in building and shaping the cloud-native ecosystem.

Visit our profile on CNCF

Hiring Engineers

The best technologies and the best people. That’s what it’s ultimately all about.

Are we wrong? It can’t be done without you? Well, let's change that!

Who are we

Stratox has been established in 2014. We have become the cloud-native software technological leader since then. We are helping our clients with their courageous journies of digital innovations. And for that, we're developing our unique platforms.







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Cloud Platform - Developer

We are looking for a Developer to help us improve our Cloud Native Development Platform!

Are you practicing Microservice Architecture, Domain Driven Design or CQRS? Have you ever designed a CI/CD pipeline for a scrum (or any other agile) team? Want to practice the Service Mesh concept?

We need a person that is not frightened of new technologies or concepts. A Person who wants to improve himself. A person who is not afraid to build a Cloud Native Development Platform for Developers all over the world.

If you will fit in our team and you'll stick to the Stratox's culture, you can work partially from home-office.

Cloud Platform - Engineer

We are looking for a Platform Engineer

Have you been working with Kubernetes, Docker or even OpenStack? Are you an administrator of Linux/UNIX systems? Are you able to solve problems on the network level?

Have you tried automation tools for environments management like Ansible?

Have you played with scripting languages like Bash or Python? Are you familiar with Git and Jenkins?

Have you been practising Scrum or any other Agile methodology?

Is it you? Then we are looking to get you to know. We are going to appreciate your work.

If you will fit in our team and you'll stick to the Stratox's culture, you can work partially from home-office.

Integration Developer

Is Java 8 your daily routine? Are you aware of enterprise integration patterns?

Are you able to design an API?

Have you met Apache Camel, Apache CXF, Spring Boot, Git, Maven, Docker or even better Kubernetes?

Are JMS, JAX-RS, JAX-WS standards your daily routine?

Experience with CI/CD?

Is it you? Then we are looking to get you to know. We are going to appreciate your work.

If you will fit in our team and you'll stick to the Stratox's culture, you can work partially from home-office.


We are looking for an Analyst to join our team!

Are you able to talk both with client's business crew and IT guys? Can you dive into a problem, set its boundaries, analyze it and document your opinion in an understandable form?

No matter what kind of tooling are you used for, it is highly possible that we are seeking you!

Let us know, if you want to be a valuable member of a team that is running state-of-the-art stuff like Cloud Native Applications, Microservices architecture and Domain Driven Design in a true DevOps setup.

If you will fit in our team and you'll stick to the Stratox's culture, you can work partially from home-office.